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Vegetarian recipes for kids lunches

Vegetarian recipes for kids lunches – Sorry I’ve been on an enforced holiday for a week.  My computer decided I needed a break (or perhaps it did) and so it presented me with the blue screen of death – kind, thoughtful bloody infuriating block of wires that it is.

Beyond computer dramas life continues with the same Vegetarian recipes for kids lunches questions, queries and general confusion that having children raises.  Bigger boy posed just such a thought provoking query to me the other day.  ‘Mummy do you sometimes feel bad about eating animals?’  I’d just served up the boy’s tea of sausage, mash and green beans and was busy washing up, when this conundrum was posed.  I didn’t answer immediately, because in truth, I didn’t know what to say.  Should I just admit the truth? If I did I might have a whole new ball game finding Vegetarian recipes for kids lunches.

I’m sure for most parents, like me, food related issues are a minefield.  Going on Bigger boy’s past performances I couldn’t help being cynical.  Did he just want to get out of eating this particular tea in favor of something ‘better’?  Or was this a genuine concern for the animals?  So playing for time, until I could figure out which angle he was coming, from I went down the ask a question with a question route of ‘Why do you ask that?’  ‘Because I feel bad for the animals.  They don’t eat us but we just eat them and that’s not fair.’  I totally get his naive logic.  He’s right it doesn’t seem fair at all.  On the other hand meat is good for him, it gives him protein, iron and the minerals necessary for his growth.  I’m not a vegetarian, and with rising panic I realized if he didn’t eat meat what the hell would I give him? Hunting for Vegetarian recipes for kids lunches would be just another task todo!

But Bigger boy has never been keen on meat.  When I was weaning him on pureed chicken with veg or cottage pie, he would scrunch up his face in disgust before spitting it back at me.  Although to be fair he has always had quite sophisticated taste in vegetables and from an early age would quite happily chomp on mini trees of raw broccoli.  His little brother meanwhile would be at home in Henry the 8th times, gnawing on slabs of meat and would forgo all veg – if I let him. No fear here of hunting for Vegetarian recipes for kids lunches.

But Bigger boy’s question opened up a can of worms, because although we’re not complete carnivores in our house there is usually meat in one meal a day.  If I let him become a vegetarian would he then start dictating everything he would and would not eat, developing one of the worst children traits there is, that of ‘a fussy eater?’  Because while I encourage him to have an opinion, I’m not sure the diet area counts, why, I can’t really say, but it just doesn’t!  We already don’t eat cheese dishes because he has never liked ‘the yellow icky stuff.’  He is only 6 years of age, so should I insist he wait until he’s older and can make a more informed decision? Is this just to get me out of looking for vegetarian recipes for kids lunches? But then feeling bad for the animals is probably a valid reason and that of most vegetarians.  In the absence of knowing the best approach I played for time and promised to speak to his dad about it before any final decision could be made.

Vegetarian recipes for kids lunches ‘If you don’t eat meat you won’t grow up big and strong.  So eat what’s on your plate and be grateful for it! and lets here no more about this having to hunt for Vegetarian recipes for kids lunches’.  That was his father’s approach and I must say in this instance I was relieved he had a much stronger opinion either way than me and I was willing to go along with it.

Although I did admit to Bigger boy that while ‘Yes, I do feel bad about eating animals, I don’t feel bad enough to stop doing it.’  I also promised we could have a few more vegetarian recipes for kids lunches on the menu and cut down on the meat – cheese macaroni?

Just to add, a couple of hours later, Bigger boy ate a couple more of the cold sausages and there wasn’t a peep from him on the subject, although it is nice to know he’s growing up into a caring boy, a conveniently caring one, but caring just the same and I wouldn’t have to hunt for vegetarian recipes for kids lunches phew!

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