Are you Ready to Give Up?

Never give up when the time comes that we have just had enough and want to lie down after trying so hard to get up.

But if we give up trying only then do we fail – if we continue to try then there is always hope that we can and will succeed.

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Never Give Up!

Dear Friend:When he was just three years old, the government authorities in Hungary did not know what to do with little Szabolcs. Who would possibly care for him?Szabolcs, like me, was born without arms and legs. But, unlike me, Szabolcs was abandoned by his parents. In just a few weeks, I get to meet him personally!Never Give Up!His story touched me deeply because I can relate to what he has been through. Life without limbs is difficult. But gratefully, I never suffered the loneliness of going through life without a loving mom and dad. As an orphan, Szabolcs appeared to have no hope, until a compassionate woman came forward and volunteered to adopt him.Never Give Up!

Already the mother of two children, this woman saw his picture in a weekly magazine. Hoping someone would come forward and take on the demanding role of providing love and care to this limbless little boy, the Hungarian government had placed an advertisement.

Never Give Up!

Please don’t miss looking at the two pictures below. I want you to see Szabolcs and his brave adoptive mother. Like her son, she has no legs. And she has only one arm. Today, Szabolcs is in his twenties and is filled with gratitude for the woman who rescued him. When he heard I was coming to Hungary, he called our local contact in Budapest to request a personal meeting!

Never Give Up!

For several months now, we have spoken publicly about the upcoming 2013 World Outreach. The time has finally come for me to board a plane and fly to Budapest. Hungary is our first stop. Hungary is geographically landlocked, with a growing population of nearly ten million people. Contemporary Hungarians have lost their passion for the Gospel, despite their rich theological heritage. Like our own country, they are running from God and escaping to fake substitutions like materialism, hedonism and addiction.

Never Give Up!

We are traveling to Hungary at the invitation of churches that are banding together to impact their nation for Jesus Christ. This campaign to capture the hearts of Hungarians for Christ has been organized by a courageous and devoted woman named Edina Antalffy. Edina grew up in a communist era when God was ignored. In fact, Hungarians believed that religion was fabricated by ignorant people from the remote countryside.

And then, Edina was introduced to Jesus. When she was 17 years old, she was present at the fall of the Berlin wall. That’s when a friend guided her to the living God. The rest, they say, is history, and today Edina serves as our hands and feet in Hungary. She has pulled together hundreds of churches across the country working together to tell their fellow Hungarians about Christ.

The few days we spend in Hungary will be highly orchestrated in order to make the biggest impact possible. Our most public event will draw thousands and thousands of Hungarians. We will also meet with national media personalities to reach homes across the country through television, radio and the Internet. In addition, we will conduct a disability conference and meet privately with governing authorities.

So, what will I tell the Hungarians? By now, you should know me well. My message will be no different than it is anywhere else in the world. Americans, Australians, Hungarians … we are all wired the same way. And so, I will tell them Jesus is alive. He came to earth two thousand years ago and ignited a revolution that changed human history forever. Jesus came to rescue and redeem, and He came to adopt us as children of God. His adversaries were threatened, and so they killed Him, hoping to put an end to His bold claims.

But death could not hold Him. Jesus triumphed over the grave and He lives today. I bear testimony to His life-changing power. Once I was ready to check out of this life, but Jesus gave me reason to live. That’s my message wherever I go.

Never Give Up!

Will you help me carry this critically important message to Hungary?

This year, Life Without Limbs decided to step out in faith to deliver this message of hope to more than twenty-six countries. I say, “step out in faith,” because we do not yet have all the funding required to reach these countries. But we believe God told us to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). We are going in faith, believing God will use men and women just like you to supply the resources we need.

Is God stirring in your heart to give a donation toward the 2013 World Outreach? Please don’t allow any distraction to derail your good intentions. Take a few minutes to make your tax-deductible donation. Through your gift, you can share in both the excitement and reward of watching Hungarian men and women come to Christ for the very first time.

Can you imagine the day when I meet Szabolcs and his brave mother? Oh, man, hugs all around! It’s gonna be ridiculously good!

Be sure to return to our website to learn more about our travels in Hungary. We will post updates for you, and you can monitor our progress as we raise the support necessary for the 2013 World Outreach!

In Him, Through Him, For Him,

Nick Vujicic

Never Give up

Never give up, Choosing to Succeed is merely a thought!

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