‘Happy New Year!’

I know it’s late – ‘Happy New Year’, but it’s taken a while to get here.  Now that Bigger boy is back at school and Littler boy is at preschool and I am stationed at my blogging post, it feels like 2013 can at last begin.  After a whirlwind 2 weeks of chaos, presents, visiting, Happy New Year ‘s, overindulging with wine and food, I welcome some semblance of routine.

Happy New Year to all!Ordinarily I will give myself an arm’s length list of goals at the beginning of the year, that I want to achieve throughout it and when inevitably I don’t will feel downhearted.  But not this year, like everything else my resolutions are subject to recession and I am committing to only three.  Also, not to put too much pressure on myself or anything I thought it would be fun to write them here and see if I actually achieve them!

Resolutions to make it a Happy New Year …

1. Give more one on one time to my boys.  It’s very tempting for convenience to make them always do things together.  But there is 3 years between them and they don’t have the same interests.  So with one of them I will be joining to a football club and kicking balls about on a cold Sunday morning and with the other I will be learning about electricity and sci-ency stuff. (that’s what he wants!)

2. Work on regaining my pre-kids figure.  I’m aiming for a size 12.  I’ve discovered I’m more willing to do more exercise than go without food, so that is the way I’ll tackle it.

3. Be friends with more men.  I’ve realised I tend to categorise men as just the extras of friends or be intimidated by them because of my father.  I want to work on seeing them as fully functioning 3 dimensional people, with dreams, faults and good things about them too.

And my secret dream for 2013 – get a new kitchen!  The one I have at the moment is a chip board and scabby lino disaster zone and should be condemned for Health and Safety reasons but I need to get another one before I can say goodbye to it lets have a Happy New Year.

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