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EstherWillsher.com new Art Website

EstherWillsher.com is my new website where you can see all the water colour paintings I have been working on.

As you know I grew up on a farm, so spent my whole life observing and drawing animals. From the moment I could walk I was racing after chickens or staring into the big soulful eyes of the cows and felt I shared an almost symbiotic relationship with them.

Whether it’s the solid majesty of a bull or the twitching vulnerability of the hare or a cockerel’s full on attitude, I love attempting to capture their fleeting expressive moments in bold and fluid watercolour.

In 2013 I had my book published. While releasing me from my past it also enabled me to go on with what I love doing, painting.

I completed a B A Hons in Design in 2004 and since then have become a mother to two boys, so now juggle my time between parenthood and painting.

I am finding the painting very helpful and have always thought that there is healing in art.

If you’d like to see my water colour paintings check out my new website: estherwillsher.com let me know what you think.

All the best



I’m thinking of putting together an online water colour painting course for beginners – email me if this interests you.

prints[at]estherwillsher.com or just comment below

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  • Fatima Nasir says:

    Omg ester im so suprised to see this. I was reading ur book and ive loved it! I wish i could meet u.

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